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2023 Conference

CCSA members get together once a year, each year at a different member campsite.


Testimonials from previous conferences

"I did not have time or resources to get away for 3 days, but this conference has given me a safe space to truly rest and refuel. The fellowship and presentations empowered me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ as if it is for the first time, more efficient and effective on my campsite."

"As someone working in the hospitality industry, I loved sharing tips and tricks with fellow members. The Christian Supply Chain Buying Group is a network that cares about people, products and services. I can recommend anyone to affiliate today."

"I did not know that we have so much intellectual capital within the CCSA family. I now have new procedures to implement when I get back home".

"I thought I came to get on par with industry-related matters, but the time of devotion and worship was the highlight of my week. The Lord had an appointment with me. I'm restored, rested and renewed."

With packed bookings, and having limited time to meet, we have decided to focus on hosting 3 Regional Meetings. These get-togethers are planned for Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. 


We are also partnering with the South African Adventure Industry Association (SA AIA) to host a conference in July for a rich variety of topics. The conference will be held in Gauteng. More information will be shared on social media.

We are excited to host three regional gatherings in Western Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Gauteng. Meet us and fellow members to enjoy quality time, encouragement, investment and prayer.

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