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About CCSA

Our vision, who we are, and what we do

can be summarised as


Our mission is to use our venues and camps to intentionally share Christ with our guests, in obedience to the Great Commission. We are a part of Christian Camping International (CCI), whose mission statement is as follows: To promote and support Christian Camping throughout the world, as a means of serving the church to fulfil the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.


We are a supportive community of like-minded Christians, seeking to encourage, share with and pray for one another. We value our members and the work they do.


We support our members and their ministries through training and the sharing of standards & practises provided at our annual conference, as well as through regional training events and online resources. Free or discounted access is provided to all manuals. Resources and advice are made available by the Executive Committee for use of CCSA members.

CCSA History

CCSA History

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