About Christian Camping South Africa

About Christian Camping Southern Africa

Following is a brief history of Christian Camping Southern Africa.


In January of 1976, Brad and Pep Stenberg joined the staff of CYARA Christian Camp and Conference Centre n Hekpoort, Transvaal. They came to South Africa from Mount Hermon Christian Conference Centre in California with a vision to work with camp and conference leaders in developing the effectiveness of Christian camping in Southern Africa.

1977 - 1978

In June of 1977, Brad and Pep Stenberg made a five-week tour of Christian campsites and conference centres in Natal, Transkei, Lesotho, the Cape Province and the Orange Free State. They visited 42 different sites out of which grew an interest in developing a fellowship of Christian camping and conference leaders in Southern Africa. When Brad and Pep returned to CYARA Camp and Conference Centre in the Transvaal they visited camp and conference centres there to share the idea of getting camp and conference leaders together to share ministry ideas and needs.

With the support and cooperation of Vernon and Cathay Dinkelman and the staff of CYARA Christian Conference Centre, the first such meeting was held at CYARA the 24th to the 26th of January, 1978. Some 40 people from each of the four provinces of South Africa attended this meeting. Mr Vince Craven, a trustee of Christian Camping International (CCI) and the International Ambassador of CCI, came from Canada to share in this conference. Before leaving CYARA, those in attendance unanimously decided that a Southern Africa fellowship of Christian camping and conference leaders should be organized. They chose five people to set up the organizational structure for this new fellowship. The ad hoc committee included Bethel Gibson as chairman, and Vernon Dinkelman, Fred Grant, Peter Holmes and Brad Stenberg. Another conference was held at Camp Jonathan in Natal, 7-8 August 1978, to discuss and approve the ad hoc committee’s proposed constitution. This was attended by 30 people who were able to able to work through and approve the proposed CCCF Constitution.

CCCF was formally begun and the first CCCF Convention and Annual General Meeting held at El Mirador Hotel, 20-23 November 1978. The members elected Theo Frykberg (Willowvale Camp) as the first CCCF President. Eight others were elected to serve on the first CCCF Executive Committee: Roy Langford (El Mirador) as Secretary-Treasurer, Jill Bouman (Teen Ranch), Vernon Dinkelman (CYARA), Neil Freimond (YFC), Fred Grant (Living Waters Christian Camp), Sam Peters (Lenasia), Midge Pittman (Skogheim Christian Conference Centre, and Ernst Schulte (YMCA Camp Jumbo). Brad Stenberg was appointed as the first National Coordinator of CCCF.


Christian Camping in South Africa received a big boost when Mike Nolan from Rocklands became the Chairman.


Mike Nolan appointed Janet Hardie as his secretary who held the position until 2004.


The executive committee decided to appoint an Administrator.


During an Annual General Meeting held at Rockland on 9 June 2004 they agreed to change the name from CCI to CCSA (Christian Camping Southern Africa)

Clive Douglas became the first Administrator of CCSA.


Clive Douglas stepped down and Corrie Zaayman was appointed as the next Administrator.


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